Fruit jelly for babies

Fruit jelly for babies

Fruit jelly for babies

Fruit jellies are one of the best loved foods that can be given to babies. Most babies love recipes with fruits in them. Making fruit jelly at home is very simple and also tasty. The fruit jelly recipe at home does not usually have the carcinogenic artificial colors and makes it very healthy for the babies.

Various fruits can be added to the recipe to make different kinds of jellies. It depends on the liking of the baby. Bananas, apples, strawberry and pine apple are some of the fruits that can be made into jellies and the babies will love them. Though gelatine is used, it does not cause any health problems to the child.


  • 1 envelope of gelatine that has been powdered fine.
  • 600 ml of fruit that has been made into a puree or fruit juice.
  • A container in which the jelly can be set.

The gelatine is added to a little bit of the warmed fruit juice which is about 50 ml out of the total 600 ml. Then the container in which the gelatine was added to the fruit puree is kept inside a container containing water which is being warmed.

This indirect heat on the 50 ml of fruit juice with the gelatine will dissolve the gelatine. Once this happens, this mixture is added to the rest of the fruit juice or fruit puree.

The whole mixture is then stirred and then poured into a container, the shape of which is determined by you. The jelly is ready in 30 minutes if it is refrigerated.

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